Rail Survey: Evaluating New Orleans and Baton Rouge Rail Terminals and Transit Links

Rail Survey: Evaluating New Orleans and Baton Rouge Rail Terminals and Transit Links

Tuesday, June 09, 2020
  1. The UNO Transportation institute is seeking public input to model potential passenger rail ridership between Baton Rouge, Gonzales, LaPlace, Kenner, and New Orleans. The survey (accessible by clicking here)  is anonymous and will be used to inform future transit, passenger rail and multimodal planning efforts.

Questions in the survey are aimed at understanding the public’s interest in using regional transit and identifying recommendations for improving connections to proposed rail stations, as well as existing intercity bus services, via transit, walking, and bicycling.

Residents and frequent visitors of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and all points in between are encouraged to participate. Survey respondents will be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card.

“The purpose of this survey is to get in-depth insight into how different people throughout the region travel, and how people anticipate that may change as we head into the post-pandemic new-normal” says UNO Transportation Institute’s Tara Tolford: “Importantly, we want to make sure that if Louisiana does invest in new or improved regional transportation options, we can design the service, stations, and surrounding community connections to ensure that they are as useful and convenient as possible to travelers.”

This research effort, sponsored by the LSU Tran-SET research consortium, builds on previous feasibility studies supporting the proposed rail project, seeking to specifically address last-mile connections between potential stations and where people live, work, and play, expanding choices for the thousands who regularly travel along this corridor. In addition, the project seeks to develop recommendations that will improve travel for Louisianians who already use bus and transit services to connect to employment, family, and cultural opportunities across the region.

Sample questions include:
• Where, when, how, and why do you travel within the New Orleans – Baton Rouge
• What factors most influence your interest in taking rail or using transit for regional
• How has COVID-19 changed your attitudes about travel and commuting?
• If the proposed rail connection is eventually developed, what would make it convenient and appealing to use?