City of Gonzales Occupational License Requirements:


All businesses that are located inside the city limits of Gonzales require an occupational license. License applications must be approved prior to operation, and a copy of the owner’s drivers license is required. Licenses are first reviewed for zoning restrictions and issued if the business is allowed in the specific area. Any business selling food is required to have approval from local health unit.

A new license fee is $50.00 if issued from January to June and $25.00 if issued from July to December. Thirty day renewals are mailed out on all new businesses and owners are required to report revenue for the first 30 days of operation. All annual license renewal applications are mailed out at the end of November annually and fees are based on gross revenues from the prior year.

Licenses are due and payable on January 1 of each calendar year, and are deemed delinquent if paid after March 1st. In addition, a copy of the city sign ordinance is given to owners and must be followed as stated. Rental Property in the city limits also requires a license and payment and due dates are the same as above.

For any questions with occupational license please contact:

Janet McCrory
Asst. Office Manager
Occupational/Business License


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Approval is determined by the City of Gonzales, call 225.647.2841 to find out the status of your application.